San Bernardino County and HUD Officials Fraudulently Approve a Dangerous and Substandard Manufactured House and arrest an Inspector Who Reported the Property on False Charges.

Not only a house such as the one located at 13939 Johnson Road, San Bernardino County is considered substandard by HUD and State of California standards in it's totality, but any one of the violations currently existing at the house would have been a sufficient ground for the denial of any cash-out refinance per HUD standards and grounds for issuance of immediate orders by HUD and San Bernardino County for alleviation of the violations at the property.

Under normal circumstances the contractor who originally installed the manufactured house in error would be legally responsible to provide a remedy for the gross negligence but as the contractor, Arkel Development Corporation, has since gone out of business and cannot be legally held liable for the negilgence, the burden of the liability has now shifted to the county officials who have openly admitted to being scared of litigation by the homeowners for negligence.

One of the homeowners is a former San bernardino County deputy sheriff. Homeowners who had applied for a loan because of lack of money, have been represented by up to eight attorneys in this case so far all supplied by the brokers because of contract indemnity agreements and fright.

Moreover, the required fix would have prevented the loan process while in progress. The necessary repairs would have meant a delay in the processing of receiving the desperately needed cash by the homeowners and collection of the brokerage fees by the broker.

This case also created a huge liability for HUD itself as five HUD/FHA loans had been approved on this house since 1992. Each of those loan approvals would have required a site inspection which should have exposed the deficiencies which would have in turn required immediate fixes before any loan or refinance could have been approved.

Not a single HUD inspection has occurred on this house and no other documentation exists for this house such as HUD engineered plans and certifications and approvals.

As the result of these findings, the house was red-flagged and declared substandard by the inspector who sent official HUD inspection violation reports to HUD's Inspector General's office and HUD regional manager Bobbi Borland.

The sub-standard situation and the HUD inspection violation reports were also reported to various San Bernardino County agencies with jurisdiction over the house as well as the State of California code enforcment division.

However in lieu of complying with the California and Federal mandated codes, a conspiracy was astonishingly formed between HUD and county officials, the brokers and the homeowners, by way of forging a HUD certification by two unqualified and unscrupulous individuals who did not know the first thing about HUD's rules or regulations and who had never even set foot on the property.

Not only the loan was immediately approved without any improvements made to the structure, a clear criminal mortgage fraud, but when the inspector exposed the forged document by the parties, false criminal charges were brought against the inspector and he was arrested.

Restraining orders were also issued against him based on perjured and fabricated testimony by a corrupt San Bernardino County official, Theresa Krallis, a low level code enforcement officer, and conflicting and false accounts by the homeowners.

The inspector was initially accused of making terrorist threats, attempts at planting bombs under the house, burglary and extortion. County officials later added two counts of contempt of the court for violating the restraining order.

Department of Housing and Urban Development's former secretary, Julian Castro and his top staff, along with officials from State of California, Southern California Edison Electric Company and Phelan water district are also complicit in this criminal act.

Full extent of HUD's involvement in the case can be read at HUD.online or JulianCatsro.online.

Inspector's computers and phones containing damaging pictures and information against the county and HUD were seized during the false arrest of the inspector by the arresting officer, deputy sheriff Scott Chapdelaine, one of the homwowner's personal friends. His phone which contains photos of the house was later linked to the terrorists' phones. County officials initially stated that there were three suspects in the case and have refused to release these pictures to the inspector for his defense.

San Bernardino County places politics and profit above its public's safety making the county one of the most dangerous and unsafe places to be at any given moment due to its geographic location and lack of enforcement of proper building safety maintenance measures by the county officials.

The events of the terrorist attack have showcased the County's complete inability to cope with any disasters. State of California had to declare a state of emergency so that it could provide temporary operational capabilities and staffing while the County's health department was completely shut down and its personnel recuperating from the attack.

Any major natural disaster, such as an earthquake which would result in total collapse of most if not all of the county's unreinforced structures, would force this unprepared region flat on its back along with dire consequences for its population.

This fraud case together with frivolous and comic criminal and civil cases brought against the inspector demonstrate the complete lack of knowledge of these government officials about their fields and the need for new personnel at the helm of these posts.


The manufactured house has been improperly installed over a wrong foundation system and just resting on rusted and failing non-compliant metal pier stands, very similar to car jacks, in lieu of permanent concrete walls and piers. What appears to be a foundation wall under the house is really just a skirt wall, meaning it's function is merely to cover the metal pier posts which are the actusal means holding the house. These types of walls act very much like Christmas tree skirts. Moreover it has been observed that:

The house has never been properly permitted or inspected and that no certificate of occupancy exists for the house which is a pre-requisite for any new structure before it can be occupied for the first time;

Due to a recent complete repipe of the house, the structural elements of the house have been compromised. The installation has failed so bad that the water to the house had been cut off by the water district;

Unpermitted and unapproved propane gas tank and water heater are installed by unlicensed contractors in direct violation of several codes;

The unpermitted electrical system is dangerously undersized and installed in direct violation of electrical codes and was initially declared unsafe by Southern California Edison;

The unpermitted AC installation is resting on dirt and running in excess of the electrical capability of the house;

The unapproved water lines and the crawl space soil are contaminated due to faulty water supply lines, the poor and unpermitted installation procedure and subsequent leaks;

The structure is also very close to soil which has exposed it to dry rot damage; and

Due to the numerous deficiencies, the appraisal has been greatly overvalued.

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The County has seized all photos depicting the property taken by the HUD inspector and stored on his phone and computer and refuses to provide any copies. The County has linked the inspector's phone to those of the terrorists.

The photos in this report have been provided by the very people who have fraudulently approved the property, such as the engineer, the contractor, the appraiser and the Edison inspector.

The pictures clearly refute the fraudulent claims made in the certification and in the criminal case by all the parties colluding with the County.


As the homeowners ignored the HUD inspector's several formal citations issued to the building, the unsafe and substandard conditions were reported to the following agencies with jurisdictional and oversight authority over the property:


01 ▪ Secretary, JULIAN CASTRO

02 ▪ Inspector General, DAVID A. MONTOYA

03 ▪ Regional Director, TANYA SCHULZE

04 ▪ Regional Supervisor, BOBBI L. BORLAND

05 ▪ Senior Credit Policy Specialist , LISA C. ELLIS


06 ▪ Supervisor, JAMES RAMOS

07 ▪ Supervisor, ROBERT A. LOVINGOOD

08 ▪ Supervisor, JANICE RUTHERFORD

09 ▪ Supervisor, JOSIE GONZALES

10 ▪ Supervisor, CURT HAGMAN

11 ▪ Land Use Services, Director, TOM HUDSON

12 ▪ Building and Safety, Building Official, GILBERT ESTRADA

13 ▪ Code Enforcement, Supervisor, WILLIS WINGERT

14 ▪ Code Enforcement, Officer, THERESA KRALLIS

15 ▪ Fire Chief, MARK HARTWIG

16 ▪ Health Department, CALL CENTER

17 ▪ Children and Family Services, CALL CENTER

18 ▪ Sheriff Department, CALL CENTER

19 ▪ Counsel, Principal Assist. County Counsel, BART W. BRIZZEE


20 ▪ Div. of Codes & Standards, Director BEN METCALF

21 ▪ Div. of Codes & Standards, Asst. Deputy Dir., DEBORAH GORE

22 ▪ Div. of Codes & Standards, Administrator III, KEVIN CIMINI

23 ▪ Div. of Codes & Standards, District Representative II, STEVE LEACH

24 ▪ Fire Department, Fire Marshal, Chief MIKE RICHWINE



26 ▪ Senior Manager, ELAINA BUCK

27 ▪ Senior Manager, GRACIELA SOTO

28 ▪ Senior Manager, JERRY EISENMAN

29 ▪ Senior Manager, JOHN SHAULES


30 ▪ Manager, DON BARTZ

31 ▪ Board Member, ALEX BRANDON

32 ▪ Board Member, AL MORRISSETTE

33 ▪ Board Member, CATHY PACE

34 ▪ Board Member, MARK ROBERTS

35 ▪ Board Member, DAN WHALEN

Not a single person from any of the agencies has ever inspected the site to this date except an inspector/planner from Edison Electric Company, Anthony Gallardo, who first visited the site and declared the electrical system of the property unsafe. The inspector would later recant this finding when targeted and threatened by San Bernardino County officials. The DA documents reveal that he was so scared during this time that he had to take time off work to cope with the stress.

Don Bartz, a manager with the water district who has made several false statements against the inspector to the county officials has claimed that he had visited the site and had found everything to be up to code.

Don Bartz is not a certified inspector and as such not qualified to approve or disapprove a property's installation. Notwithstanding the that fact no permits exist even to this date for the water installation, that a code violation in and of itself, the district's very own documents submitted to DA reveal that the unpermitted water service had leaked so bad for so long that the water service to the building had to be shut off per Californi's water preservation law until the leak was repaired.

All government agencies, including HUD, have cited the forged foundation report as the reason for not inspecting the property independently. Even if the certification were valid, it sill only addressed the foundation of the house and not the structure of the house or its utilities.

Andy Wingert, the County's chief code enforcement officer would not inspect the house largely on the grounds of the forged foundation certification. The County cited the homeowners as the reason why it would not inspect other aspects of the house claiming it was the homeowners who deemed an inspection unnecessary.

Wingert had previously admitted over the phone that the County was scared of litigation as the homeowners had threatened the County because of its negligence in the matter.

Kevin Cimini, a chief California code enforcement officer cited lack of jurisdiction, resources and interest as the reason for not inspecting despite the fact that he had complete jurisdiction over the matter based on California Health and Safety Code section 18300(d)(1) which states: In the event of nonenforcement of this part or the regulations adopted pursuant to this part by a city, County, or city and County, the department shall enforce both this part and Part 2.3.

No other agency even responded to the many contacts made by the HUD inspector.

These co-conspirators fraudulently bypassed all federal, state and local codes requirements and by way of abusing and misinterpreting a flawed and outdated code: HUD HOC REFERENCE GUIDE, MANUFACTURED HOMES: SPECIAL STATE REQUIREMENTS, dated October 25, 2012.

Based on this code, local government agencies can refuse to inspect a HUD property if an engineer can certify that illegal modifications observed and reported by a HUD representative were in accordance with applicable codes.

However this code does not apply here because of the following:

The forged report only addresses the foundation whereas the complaint made to the County also referred to many other types of violations such as plumbing, electrical and mechanical;

The engineer who approved the foundation is not qualified to certify a HUD property and has never personally inspected the foundation. The person who assisted her is not qualified and did not inspect the foundation either; and

Modifications have been made to the structure when the house was repiped. The modifications to the structure are visible in the photos by way of removed and scattered insulation and new piping; A physical site inspection has revealed removal of underfloor framing of the structure for installation of new piping.

Based on HUD's own codes:

If the certification cannot be obtained then the manufactured home is unacceptable and should be rejected.


During the investigation process, two citations, one dated July 11, 2014 and one dated July 14, 2014 were issued to this house with copies sent to HUD regional office, HUD Inspector General, San Bernardino County, Edison and Phelan water district both of which were ignored by all parties.


July 11, 2014


July 14, 2014

One of the homeowners in the center of this biggest FHA mortgage fraud case is a former San Bernardino County deputy sheriff who in collusion with a fraudulent broker has committed several state and federal crimes with the full support and help of HUD, State of California, San Bernardino County, Southern California Edison and the local water district.

The broker who was the mastermind and the architect of this mortgage fraud and conspiracy is Jason Joseph McAfee of ACC Financial, a con artist whose corporate license has been revoked by the Bureau of Real Estate for deceptive practices and for trying to pass his brokerage as a government agency. McAfee's current personal license has also been suspended for similar offenses. In this case McAfee has been able to fool gullible and corrupt government officials into believing that he is HUD certified lender whereas he is neither HUD certified nor a lender.

The emails between a homeowner and the broker that is in posession of the District Attorney clear prove that on July 14, 2014 after receiving the second citation, a conspiracy was formed between the two. According to this proof, the two conspire as follows: 1) the homeowners to contact their friends in the sheriff department and file a criminal police report against the inspector; 2) a certification to be forged by an engineer to refute inspector's citations; and 3) lawyers to be hired by the broker.

On July 14, 2014 the homeowners filed a police report for extortion and an engineer was hired to fabricate a foundation report.

McAfee enlisted the help of an unqualified and unscrupulous civil engineer and an equally unqualified and unscrupulous mobile home installer, neither of whom has ever been HUD certified, to criminally certify this dangerous building which had been declared sub-standard by the HUD inspector as HUD compliant. Neither of the two had visited the site before approving the foundation.

The engineer who approved this house, Ingrid Stinchcomb, is a civil engineer while according to HUD HANDBOOK 4930.3G Section 100-3 only structural and geotechnical engineers and architects can certify a HUD property.

Stinchcomb would later admit that she did not actually inspect the house but that she certified the house on the account of an associate, a mobile home installer, Bill Simonton.

When Stinchcomb was informed that she was in violation of California Code of Regulations Section 475(c)(10) and Section 6775 of the Code of Professional Conduct for not disclosing the identity of the person who actually conducted the inspection, she paid a visit to the site on July 26, 2014 and then forged a second false certification.

The first forged certification was removed from the County file after the criminal case (considered concealment of evidence) and the second certification dated July 26th was introduced into DA's file.


July 15, 2014


July 26, 2014

Stinchcomb's accomplice, Bill Simonton, is a State of California licensed/certified mobile home installer as per Contractors State License Board License Bulletin.

Simonton is specifically prohibited from performing any type of work on HUD style homes based on his license classification.

California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 8, Article 3 states: A manufactured home does not include...factory-built housing as defined in Section 19971 of the Health and Safety Code.

Section 19971 of the Health and Safety Code states: "Factory-built housing" means a residential building...that is either wholly manufactured or is in substantial part manufactured at an offsite location to be wholly or partially assembled onsite... Factory-built housing does not include a mobilehome...

HUD's A Community Guide To Factory-Built Housing states: The HUD Code is a preemptive code, which means that it supercedes any state or local codes that apply in the area where the house will be sited. Homes arrive onsite complete with appliances, carpet, paint, lights, and with the utilities ready to be hooked up on site. They are typically 80 to 90 percent complete (those consisting of two or more sections or two stories, require extra on-site completion). The term "mobile home" does not apply today when most manufactured homes are not mobile at all.

HUD manufactured houses are classified as factory-built housing modules which are outside of the classification of Simonton.

Not only the two individuals who approved the house were not qualified to certify a HUD house, but even if they were, the house is not compliant with HUD 1996 code requirements as the code requires that all the buildings after 1996 code to be seismically retrofitted.

Simonton and Stinchcomb were both asked to show one single photo showing that the house was bolted and braced to its foundation but they could not produce such evidence as the house is not even sitting on a foundation let alone being seismically braced.


The diagram below from HUD Handbook clearly indcates that the system used to support this building is no longer acceptable. This building has not been re-engineered or retrofitted anytime after 1996 as alleged by the forged certification.



This building has been certified as being compliant with 1996 version of HUD's code while the pictures, including the one below, provided by the very people who certified the building show that the structure is not supported by and braced to a permanent concrete foundation system as required by HUD but just resting on substandard rusted and failing jacks.




In July of 2014, the property's Permit File was obtained from Principanl Assistant County Counsel, Bart W. Brizzee, through several freedom of information requests and unwarranted delays by the County. While the file completely lacked the standard required documentations and approved engineered plans, it contained a fabricated foundation certification report just recently added.

According to this document which allowed the mortgage fraud to occur, the house was deemed to be sitting on a permanent foundation and in compliance with HUD 1996 requirements. The avialable evidence not only completely refutes this claim, but on the contrary it proves absolute forgery and cover up on the part of the County and HUD.

The permit was never finaled and it's status showed as active as of July of 2014.

The house's foundation has been signed off on the same day the permit was issued, April 23, 1992. Based on California codes, no construction work can commence before a permit has been issued for it.

In this case it is not clear as to how it would be possible that the contractor had not started the foundation work before the permit was issued. The foundation of this house is not something that could be completed in one day.

Also not clear is how it is possible that an inspection can even be scheduled for the same day as the permit was issued even if it were possible to do the work in one day.

There are no records of any HUD inspections and documentations which are absolutely mandatory in this project. The house could not have been approved by the County without HUD approval. HUD's authority supersedes that of the County's.

No engineered plans and no records of any permits and inspection records exist for the utilities of the house, all of which are mandatory per HUD and California rules. Most importantly no certificate of occupancy was issued to this house. The County would fabricate one in the next batch.

The fabricated certiification claims that the house was upgraded to 1996 HUD standards. No such documentation exists in this file showing any improvements made to the structure after it was installed in 1992. The onsite inspection of the house revealed that no such improvement was ever made.



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In October of 2015, a new request for the file was made and a second batch of the Permit File was received. This time a number of new fabricated documents were added to the property's permit file while the first forged foundation report was removed.

County has fabricated a whole set of documents validating the installation of the manufactured house. The new set consisted of a Permit Application, an Inspection Card, and a Certificate of Occupancy. The County Counsel has frivolously and unnecessarily redacted the contact data on all documents to hide its forgery attempts.

County has made the very amateurish mistake of fabricating these documents for the house dated 1987 while the manufactured house was not built until 1988 and was not installed at the property until 1992 when the permit for the foundation was obtained.

While the very forged permit provided by the County has recorded the date of the manufacture of the house as 1988, but the inspection card and the acceptance voucher are dated 1987. County and the contractor of record on these forged documents fail to explain how a permit was pulled for a manufactured house containing HUD serial number a year before it was even built. Serial numbers are not assigned to HUD buildings until after the manufacture's final approval.

Notwithstanding the clerical discrepancies, County fails to explain how the house could have been installed and approved in 1987 when the foundation was not built until 1992.

The property's title history shows that value of the property was based on the value of the land only at $19,135 on the date of the very first record of any sale on this property in 1991. According to the records, the price of the property only went up to $73,255 in 1992 when the foundation was built and the manufactured house installed. There is no record of any prior house valuation or any sales of any kind in 1987.

The contractor of record on file, PRINCE MOBILE HOME was contacted about this permit but no response was received.

County has also included in the second batch more forged documents pertaining to certain workers' compensation insurance which are completely false and fabricated. The documents show workers' compensation insurance for periods and with numbers that contradict what is posted on Contractors License Board's site, an outright proof of fraud.

A Licensed Contractor's Declaration dated 1992 purports to show that the a certified copy of the workers'scompensation certification is filed with the County. No number is provided for this insurance number and no certification exists at the county offices. This contractor has gone out of business.

A Licensed Contractor's Declaration dated 2003 contains an insurance number, 76WEGJH6107, which was not issued until a year later according to CSLB website. The contractor of record OLD DEL RIO CORPORATION was contacted about this declaration but no response was received.

A Licensed Contractor's Declaration dated 2013 contains an insurance number, 1799082, which had expired in 2011 with two more newer insurance numbers proceeding it according to CSLB website. The contractor of record P M P T INC was contacted about this declaration and they claimed that they were not aware of the declaration.



  • 1987 inspection
  • 1987 installation acceptance
  • 1987 permit
  • 2003 patio cover permit
  • foundation declaration
  • foundation inspection
  • patio cover declaration
  • Prince Moblie Homes INC Permit Card[pack]-3-Recovered
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County and HUD officials were repeatedly warned that this house was in serious risk of failure or explosion in the event of an earthquake as the house was sitting on shaky and failing stands while the connections of the utilities to the house were never permitted, inspected or approved. According to all available data and evidence, utility systems of this house are all loosely connected in substandard and unworkman like manner and in dire need of immediate repair and upgrade.

Most moblie homes are damaged because of explosions caused by loose installations such as the ones in this house. However these people erroneously believe that San Bernardino county is not in danger of any major earthquakes. County officials claim that even if an earthquake were to occur it would not result in any significant damage to the buildings.

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According to San Bernardino County Faults map illustrated below, San Bernardino County is a cesspool of many seismic faults.

The most significant concern is the intersection of San Andreas and San Jacinto faults right at the center of the county making it one of the most dangerous locations in the world.

The manufactured house is located right across a hill from the center of the flashpoint.


Earthquakes are precisely why all seismic related codes changed all across the country after the 1994 Northridge earthquake and thus the requirement for HUD 1996 upgrades at times of FHA refinance. The parties involved in this conspiracy have forged a document certifying that the property has been seismically upgraded while the house is not even sitting on a regular foundation system let alone being braced and bolted as per HUD 1996 code and as such the structure is susceptible to serious damage at time of an earthquake.

According to LA Times, a 7.5 magnitude quake destroyed a 40 mile stretch of this county in 1817 killing 40 people and scientists predict that the next big earthquake could deal a devastating blow to the region with a potential for a magnitude 8 earthquake: "There are, in fact, multiple pathways to get to a Big One, the kind of earthquake that could cause more than 1,000 deaths, ignite hundreds of fires, collapse buildings and leave lasting scars that take a generation from which to recover."

In general, mobile homes with substandard installations such as this have proven to be very susceptible to explosions at times of earthquakes likes of which occurred in Northridge in 1994 which according to Earthquake Country resulted in least 57 deaths and over 9,000 injuries and causing damage to 5400 mobile homes.

Many homes were destroyed in Napa Valley on August 24, 2014 according to NBC.

The Napa Valley quake which destroyed many mobile homes all due to gas explosions happened right around the time of the mortgage fraud incident and the first arrest of the HUD inspector. He was arrested for nothing but simply for doing his job trying to save that building from a similar fate while saving the tax payers' money from waste.


As thousands of mobile homes were destroyed during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, mostly due to gas explosions, seismic retrofitting standards all across the nation were upgraded and by 1996 new set of codes started being implemented.

The video shows that pockets of mobile homes were destroyed within 2 different mobile parks while some went unscathed. The real difference was whether the gas and electrical systems were properly installed and secured or not.


All life and safety hazards depicted in this short video are applicable to this house such as propane gas and water heater tank explosions, electrical fires and dryrot damage at framing members due to proximity to soil.

County and HUD officials seem to believe that these types of incidents only occur in YouTube videos and not in areas under their care. This is tantamount to playing Russian roulette with San Bernardino county residents' lives.

According to another LA Times report, San Bernardino which is in bankruptcy, has one of the largest concentration of unreinforced masonry buildings which are subject to collapse causing death and bodily injuries at the time of an earthquake.

After the 1987 Whittier earthquake which resulted in collapse of many brick buildings killing at least 6 people and injuring more than 100 in a half minute of violent tremors, State of California started requiring that cities enforce mandatory seismic retrofitting of unreinforced masonry buildings. Owners who refused to comply would be heavily fined.

However this process places a heavy burden and expense on the poorer businesses which are the main occupants of such buildings and the target of the mandate. Not only businesses have to foot the expensive construction bills, but in most cases they would also have to keep their businesses closed while the repair in process.

San Bernardino which originally started implementing the mandate, stopped reinforcing the requirements shortly after just a few were retrofitted mainly because the process was scaring the businesses away thus causing the loss of valuable and much needed tax dollars.

San Bernardino County officials place very little importance on the life and safety of the very people who provide their salaries. San Bernardino officials have thus far been very lucky that they have not yet been hit with an earthquake but when the incident does occur they will be overwhelmed and caught complely off-guard just as they were after the terrorist attack.

While Napa Valley was saved from much greater damage due to extensive mandatory retrofitting laws, San Bernardino County will most likely not be so lucky as they have failed to enforce any seismic related life safety measures due to lack of understanding of County officials of the many dangers that lurk around in buildings. Politics and money always come before life and safety in San Bernardino.

This County has a history of negligence resulting in death of its citizens.

A report by Fox 11 News exposing systematic neglect and abuse resulting in deaths reported by a whistleblower has prompted an investigation of the county's Children and Family services by State Attorney General.

According to San Bernardino Sun, the probe has resulted in hiring of Enron prosecutor John C. Hueston by San Bernardino to help defend itself. Hueston and his attorneys would be paid a rate of $575 per hour while paralegals would receive $235 per hour, according to the proposed contract. This legal defence has thus far cost the County hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a minor lived in this house and in danger of serious death and injury, the matter was also reported to Children and Family Services agency which did not even respond.

Also as there were environmental issues emanated by the property's faulty plumbing system causing soil and atmospheric contamination, the matter was also referred to the County's Health Department which also failed to respond at all.

County's Fire Department refused to inspect the property citing lack of resources and the long distance despite the fact that they have a station within walking distance of the house.

Based on a report by The Press Enterprise, a 12 year old boy who was shot died because of the delay by the police to get to the boy who cited lack of budget and resources for this catastrophic failure.

The inspector was falsely arrested by a personal friend of the former deputy sheriff homeowner, Deputy Sheriff Scott Chapdelaine. This officer has illegally concealed evidence and has fabricated his report. Other rogue deputy friends have provided fabricated accounts of the events in their fabricated police reports.

Restraining orders were issued against the HUD inspector largely based on perjured and fabricated testimony of a corrupt San Bernardino county official, Theresa Krallis, a low level code enforcement officer who openly lied under the penalty of perjury in court while laughing at the inspector. The HUD inspector had complained about this officer to her supervisors for being in dereliction of her duties and not responding to his reports of unpermitted work at the house.

The homeowners have given two different accounts of the events, one in the civil case and a different one in the criminal case. These false statements, some of which were made under the penalty of perjury, are well documented in courts' files.

The county parties are conspiring with at least 20 corrupt attorneys who are aiding and abetting this criminal endeavor. See the list at Corrupt Attorneys Online.

In addition to initiating unwarranted criminal proceedings against the HUD inspector, the county gang has initiated a malicious SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suit in Los Angeles County trying to suppress his freedom of speech exposing this crime. Read more here.

The proceedings in that case has led the presiding judge Nancy Newman to recuse herself from the case because of an obvious case of bribery.

Her replacement, Judge Gerald Rosenberg, has refused to recuse himself so far and the matter is being elevated to the higher court.

Full extent of HUD's involvement in the case can be read at HUD Online and Julian Catsro Online.


San Bernardino government perpetrated and provoked the terrorist attack in order to divert attention from its crimes and to silence the HUD inspector.

Bomb squad personnel and dogs had been dispatched to the HUD property in search of possible bombs planted by the inspector right after the mortgage fraud was exposed. A restraining order was issued against the inspector alleging that he intended to bomb the house. The restraining order was largely based on perjured and fabricated testimony of a county code enforcement officer, Theresa Krallis.

San Bernardino officials had initially claimed that there were three assailants in the attack. Just two days after the terrorist attack the HUD inspector was contacted by the FBI investigating his possible ties to the attack. The probe was instigated based on fabricated reports FBI had received from San Bernardino parties to this fraud case accusing him of terrorist activities and tying him to the attack.

The HUD inspector has been told that his phone containing pictures of the building were kept with those of the terrorists and could not be accessed.

The San Bernardino DA has offered reduced sanctions in exchange for admitting guilt or in the alternative has threatened further terrorism related charges if he would attempt to expose the county's fraud.


San Bernardino County is corrupt and systematically abuses its powers to silence and punish critics.

Not only the executive and legislative bodies of San Bernardino county have demonstrated complete breakdown in performance of their duties, but the law enforcement arm of the county is not faring any better resulting in a very grim picture of the entire county emerging.

The personal friends of the homeowners who are responsible for the arrest, and the DA personnel who are responsible for the prosecution of the HUD inspector, have built their case not only on forged and concealed evidence and fabricated witness testimonies, but also on this very fantastical and made up concept that they belive would lead an all-white jury to convict a terrorist Middle Eastern guy who attempts extortion, violence and terrorism and disobeys the rules of the county.

sanbernardino County


San Bernardino County is One of the Most Dangerous Places to Live and Work in.



San Bernardino Terrorist Attack Was a False Flag Carried Out By San Bernardino County.



San Bernardino County Victim's Social Media and Political Postings.

Public Defender


San Bernardino County Public Defender and Her Staff in Collusion With District Attorney.




HUD Aids And Abet Banks in Defrauding P While Its Inspector General Hides Under The Desk.



HUD Secretary Must Be Impeached and Prosecuted Along With His Top Officials .



Los Angeles County Judge Recused in a Related Libel Case Because of Collusion & Bribery.



More than Twenty Attorneys in Criminal Conspiracy With San Bernardino County.


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